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Information Regarding Importing

Trading as AUTOSPECS LIMITED, our parent company, japaneseusedcars.com has been supplying car dealers for over 15 years. Now we offer private importers the same benefits and experience of attending auctions in Japan. Each week we have access to over 100,000 cars to bring you the car you want.

We are your auction representatives. You can't be on the ground to choose your car - so choose the next best thing! You can view pictures and details before auction and send your bids. We inspect the cars(s) based on the official auction inspection sheet and reject most cars. We only bid on those cars that are of sufficient quality.

We offer: HIGH QUALITY automobiles to fit YOUR specifications. LOWEST AUCTION PRICES to give YOU an edge in resale. EASY COMMUNICATION with English speakers from the UK and New Zealand. ODOMETER VERIFICATION for peace of mind.

JapaneseUsedCars.com : Importing Made Simple

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Autospecs Ltd.
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