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How to Buy a Dealer Car or a Preauction Car at a Fixed Price:


Search for a car you want in the dealer fixed price section of the website then complete and submit the form on the car details page.
These fixed price vehicles are at auction houses or in various dealer's yards and are not in our possession. Unlike cars at auction on auction day we cannot inspect these vehicles prior to export.
Send an email. This email contains payment details and instructions.
Note that if you do not spell your email address correctly you will not receive these emails and will be unable to proceed.
You must pay for the car from your bank by telegraphic transfer (international funds transfer).

If we already hold a deposit from you we will reserve the car. Please wait for us to send sea freight & costs. You will then have 3 working days to send funds.

If you would like to send a deposit in advance, please submit a member application. You will then get instructions for sending a deposit.

Your bank will know how to do a telegraphic transfer.

Immediately fax the telegraphic transfer receipt to us, and email us to confirm both the payment and fax have been sent. Or send an email attachment of the receipt.
Send confirmation email.
This can take up to 24 hours although usually sooner.
Notify you of sea freight cost and any other necessary costs.

Note that sea freight is not included in the price of the car.

Generally all costs in Japan are included in the fixed price. However, some countries require pre-shipment inspection fees or cleaning fees.

Pay for sea freight and any other costs.
Must be paid by telegraphic transfer within 3 working days.
Arrange shipping
We will notify you as soon as shipping arrangements are made. The length of time depends entirely on the shipping line.
Send documents by courier
We will send a tracking number to you by email.
Notified by shipping company agent of arrival of vehicle
You may wish to use an agent in your own country for collecting the car and customs clearance etc. We can usually recoomend one if you do not know of one.
Collect car and pay required import duties and taxes in your country and follow procedures to register the car for road use

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