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Year of Car:
In Japan this is the year of registration and not year of manufacture.
Car Equipment Glossary:
C Cooler


Air conditioning
AAC Automatic air conditioning
WAC Dual air conditioning
ew Electric windows
pw Power windows
ls Leather seat
tv TV (may not work outside Japan)
cd CD player
md MD player
ps Power steering
aw Alloy wheels
sr Sun roof
srs Supplementary restraint system (Air bag)
abs Anti skid braking
navi Navigation (may not work outside Japan)
CA(T) Column automatic transmission
FA(T) Floor automatic transmission
MT6 Manual transmission 6 speed
MT5 Manual transmission 5 speed
MT4 Manual transmission 4 speed
C5 Column change transmission 5 speed
F6 Manual transmission 6 speed
F5 Manual transmission 5 speed
F4 Manual transmission 4 speed
? Mileage is in question (if '?' is next to mileage)
* Odometer is known to have been wound back
$ Odometer has been changed, with date and mileage at change known to the auction house
# No record of actual mileage - mileage may be genuine but may not be
?????? A number of question marks results during the automated translation from Japanese to English when there is no translation available
Probably Japanese that hasn't been translated yet, and possibly not being understood by your browser

Shipping Glossary:
C&F Cost/Freight.
This term means the following:
A. Price of the Vehicle
B. Japan-side procedure costs (auction fees, in-land transportation, customs &
shipping procedure, documentation etc.)
C. Ocean freight (this is the cost shipping companies
charge to ship the vehicle)

CIF Cost Insurance Freight.
Same as C&F but includes insurance
FOB Free On Board.
With FOB the customer is responsible for payment of the ocean freight at the destination port. This term only includes the following:
A. Price of the vehicle
B. Japan-side procedure costs (auction fees, in-land transportation, customs &
shipping procedure, documentation etc.)
Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association
Association Member
Used Car Dealer
License Number:
Limited Company No:

Autospecs Ltd.
Unomori Minamiku
Kanagawa 252-0301

+81 (0)42 727 6442
+81 (0)50 3172 8068

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