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Terms and Conditions for Purchasing Fixed Price Preauction and Dealer Vehicles

By accepting the services of Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com) you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions whether you have read them or not.

Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com) supplies used cars and clients should expect wear and tear and not new cars.

These Fixed price vehicles are not in the possession of Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com) and have not been inspected by us. Condition and grading are assessed by auction house staff if at an auction house, and by individual car dealers if at a dealership with no connection to Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com) . As such, Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com) offers no warranty or guarantee of condition, and the purchaser purchases at his or her own risk.

Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com) cannot be held responsible nor liable for anything beyond its control. This includes but is not limited to: any errors or damage caused by the seller, auction houses, transporters, shipping companies and shipping agents; shipping availability and schedules; any costs and/or expenses incurred; mechanical and/or electronic failures; corrosion; exchange rates; force majeure (flooding, war etc).

Payment must be made within 1 day of submitting the form. The vehicle cost does not include shipping or pre-shipment inspections or cleaning fees or any other costs. These must be paid along with sea freight and freight insurance within 3 working days of notification of the amount. Failure to pay to the above schedule may result in the sale being treated as a cancellation of purchase by default.

When a client submits a purchase form, Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com) will make purchase of the vehicle on behalf of the client, but may at it's discretion decline to purchase. If the vehicle is no longer for sale when Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com) receives funds from the client, the client is expected to either purchase a similar car or request a refund.

If a client requests a refund the deposit will be at the discretion of Autopsecs Limited less bank fees and an administration fee of 20,000 Yen. The exchange rate used at the time of refund will either be MUFG Bank, Ltd. (formerly THE BANK OF TOKYO-MITSUBISHI UFJ, LTD.) exchange rates on the day of refund, or the exchange rate the day the deposit was received. This is to discourage such practices as profiteering on exchange rates and money laundering, and to allow for smooth business operations. No refunds are available when a client cancels when the car is still available for purchase.

If a client cancels after Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com) purchases or makes an agreement to purchase a vehicle on the client’s behalf or is unable to effect the client's cancellation prior to purchase, the client will forfeit any funds deposited with Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com) and will be liable for any costs, fees, taxes and losses, either direct or indirect, above the sum of funds deposited by the client which are incurred in reselling or other disposal of the vehicle as decided by Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com). Included in these fees is a 20,000 Yen administration fee imposed by Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com).

The client must supply information such as consignee details within 7 days of purchase. Failure to do so may result in the sale being treated as a cancellation of purchase by default.

The customer is responsible for all import rules, regulations, procedures and taxes and costs at the destination country.

Documents (other than Bill of Lading, deregistration certificate and invoice) necessary for import and pre-shipment tests will be provided on request at the customer’s expense. The customer is required to notify Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com) of such requirements within 48 hours of submitting a form to purchase a vehicle.

Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com) or their agent of choice will export the vehicle(s) from Japan.

Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com) and the customer submit to the jurisdiction of any court chosen by Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com) with respect to any dispute arising from these terms and conditions.

If any provision of this contract is later held invalid, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid.

A customer is a person for whom we hold a deposit. If a deposit is sent on behalf af a third party, the person acting on behalf of that third party takes the responsibility of customer.

Autospecs Limited (japaneseusedcars.com) reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

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