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Standard Costs and Fees

Cost / Fees

Cost in JPY

Cost Details

Japan Sales tax 10%


When a vhicle is bought in Japan the government charges 10% sales tax.

We do not pass this tax onto our customers.

Japan Recycle Fees


A recycling fee is charged by the Japanese government when a car is purchased. We do not pass this fee on to our customers.

Bid Fees


We do not charge bid fees unless we receive an excessive amount of impossibly low bids.


Charges immediately below are for vehicles shipped Roll On Roll Off (ie not in a container). See 'other services' below if you require shipping by container. Note that sea freight is charged separately. Large vehicles such as buses have a 50,000 Yen surcharge:

Cost / Fees

Cost in JPY

Cost Details

Auction House Fees
Inland Transport
Customs Costs
Document Delivery
(export certificate, invoice, BL)


In rare cases an adjustment for inland transportation must be made. When bidding you can ask for this to be taken into account in your bid price.

Documents are sent by EMS. If you want to use a different service or if your country does not have EMS service then the alternate service is charged at cost.

Autospecs LTD Service Fee


For auction price up to 1,000,000 Yen.



For auction price over 1,000,000 Yen and up to 2,000,000 Yen.



For auction price over 2,000,000 Yen and up to 3,000,000 Yen.


4% of auction price

For auction price over 3,000,000 Yen and up to 4,000,000 Yen.


5% of auction price

For auction price over 4,000,000 Yen and up to 5,000,000 Yen .


6% of auction price

For auction price over 5,000,000 Yen.

Please note that there is a 10,000 yen surcharge for cars with auction prefix MAM due to extra auction fees charged to us.



Calendar Month Purchases:

Discount in Japanese Yen:

2 ~ 9


10 ~ 19


20 or more


Please note the above discounts are applied to cars bought the following calendar month for clients in good standing. eg, if 4 cars are bought in January you will receive 5,000 Yen discount per unit in February.

Special Discount

10,000 Yen for any car under 100,000 Yen auction price if payment is made to us within 2 Japan working days.

Bank receipt with bank stamp must be emailed or faxed to us and of course all details on it must be correct.

This discount cannot be combined with any other discount.


Other Services


Cost in JPY

Details / Notes

JAAI / JEVIC Inspections

16,000 ~ 35,000

Most commonly 24,000 Yen.

Most countries do not require these inspections. Ask if unsure.

Any repairs requested by the inspectors are paid for by the customer.

Odometer / Mileage Certification


Free for New Zealand Buyers

Container Shipping Related Costs 20,000 ~ The number of cars, vanning etc will determine price and will be charged at cost.
Sending any objects belonging to the car such as remotes, user manuals that arrive at our office, other than documents necessary for car clearance and registration. 0 ~ Depends on the objects, destination etc and will be charged at cost.

Other Requests

0 ~

Price will depend on request.

Sea freight and Insurance


Cost in JPY


Sea freight


Cost will depend on car dimensions and destination, roll on roll off shipping or container.

Usually paid in advance but genrally paid on arrival in Europe and New Zealand.

Marine Insurance

5,000 ~

Cost depends on car value. 5,000 Yen for cars up to 1,499,000 Yen value. + 5,000 yen per additional 1,000,000 Yen value. It covers loss of vehicle at sea.

Fully Comprehensive Insurance

25,000 ~

Costs depends on cars value and covers damage and theft. Insurers offer this depending on the destination country.


Autospecs Ltd reserves the right to alter the schedule of costs and fees at any time.

Any mandatory, government imposed, or other such costs and related fees beyond our control will be passed on to the customer.

†Applicable to customers for whom we retain a deposit.

Published auction price data may not relfect the actual cost to Autospecs Limited. Autospecs Limited reserves the right to collaborate with business partners regarding auction bidding and pricing. In cases of collaboration, the actual price may be determined by this collaboration.

Effective from 1/5/2023





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