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This calculator can be used to get ballpark figures. It isn't a quote! You also need to consider the usual costs of having a car on the road. There is also an additional CA$100 tax for air conditioners in cars. Also consider transportation of the vehicle to your address and port costs.

In addition to the duties and taxes paid to customs at time of importation, provincial or territorial taxes may also apply when you license your vehicle. For more information, contact a sales tax office in the province or territory where you will be registering the vehicle.

Most provinces and territories also have their own safety inspection programs (out-of-province inspection). For more details, check with the motor vehicle department of your province or territory.

Canada Cost Calculator
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Input FOB Price (JPY)
Approx Exchange Rate*
FOB Price (CA$)
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Total CA$


The exchange rate is always changing! You can input a different value in this box.

Shipping depends on the size of vehicle! A Landcruiser may be CA$2,500 and an mr2 CA$1,500.
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