Don saved NZ$5,000. AA, rego, and wof test with a perfect record!

My brother-in-law had replaced his car with a Japanese import.

He negotiated the deal himself via the computer. The car, a Toyota Rav 4, was in top condition and his end price was a lot less than he would have paid in New Zealand. He supplied me with the email address of the agency he dealt with in Japan, adding that the process to buy was made simple by the agency. I thought about this but was still apprehensive about the process; buying a car I had not sighted or tested seemed somewhat risky. Hence it was some weeks later before I sent off a feeler e-mail.

Within 12 hours I received an e-mail from Tony in Japan. He gave me a simple run down of how the system works. It sounded good to me so I then advised in some detail the type of vehicle I would prefer and amount of money I intended to spend. He advised of what I could expect for my money from the current prices being paid at the auction. I sent him a deposit (150000 yen about $2200 NZ).

Tony then started searching the auctions for the car we wanted. This took several weeks as I was specific about mileage, make, year, colour and condition. Tony kept me sent me frequent e-mails keeping me informed of what was happening at the auctions. He eventually found the exact car I wanted and bought it for the right price. The car was a Toyota Camry Gracia 2200cc. He then made importing easy by walking me through the steps to get the car on the road in New Zealand. This included paying yen in Japan for vehicle. (All other expenses are paid in NZ$ here in New Zealand).

Yes, what seemed a difficult procedure was made very simple indeed by Tony. When I actually got the vehicle I was delighted with It's excellent condition. With the papers, was a Japanese Govt. Agency certificate indicating the mileage on the vehicle was correct plus Japanese reg. papers and service manual. The vehicle had been serviced regularly. It went through the AA, rego, and wof test with a perfect record. Nothing to do to meet our standards!

My total on the road costs were $5000 less than the same vehicle (with a slightly higher Ks) being marketed in the provincial city where I live. My brother in law had a similar saving when he imported his car.

For more vehicle for your money, importing made simple for anyone owning a computer, and getting a trustworthy deal I recommend Tony who you will deal directly with is an extremely polite and very comfortable person to deal with. (Don, Napier)

Tony...Louise drove the Honda and is very pleased.


I now have the car and it is everything you promised. Things marked as scratches were tarseal spots which were removed with a spot of turpentine. Odometer was 27,700 as you specified.

Thanks again for purchasing the car on my behalf. You will be hearing from other people I know shortly.

Best Wishes


Yes we have put a CD in our Camry Gracia. The car is performing perfectly and am delighted with this purchase.
Congratulations on the world cup win Tony. Our neighbours are recent arrivals (1 year) from Watford, near London and continue to remind us of this outstanding English Team. We Kiwis are still going through the grieving process but time is a great healer and with the cricket season will underway here we should be over it in the new year.

The very best wishes for 2004.

Don and Jan

We have taken possession of Toyota Camry and am delighted
with quality. Went through the AA, warrant, vin, rego without a hitch.
There is just a tape deck; no CD player. It is our
intention to fit a CD and your offer of $250 NZ to help towards this would
be much appreciated.
Is your arm still in plaster?



Great Tony! Arrived as described. Only needed new front brake pads to pass
compliance testing. Thank you for you good service.

Speaking of which, how much would a 98 onwards Honda Odyssey, 7 seater cost?


PS what details do you need happy to be a reference.


I have not seen it yet. Just got back from Barbados. The Client called me. She is Pleased. Thanks to you. You will certainly see some more business from me this year as this is what we called an Election Year and there will be General Elections in Antigua and Barbuda. Around this time, lots of people receive Duty Free Concessions for Motor Vehicles. So in a few weeks we should have some work to do. I HOPE.


(Note: when you read the one below note that I am NOT a girl and have requested Leslie not to kiss me!)

You are a damn Genious. If you were a Girl I would Kiss you. Thanks my friend. I will expedite payment asap.

Thanks again.



Greetings received with thanks, the Pulsar is in good shape and working excellent.I referred Winston to you hope you can do business with him. Seasons greetings and the best for 2004.

I took delivery of the vehicle and had all the necessary documentation completed today, the vehicle is with my mechanic for routine maintenance check; the initial observation is that the body and upholstery is in good condition.


It was nice doing business with you and you can look forward to me recommending you to would be purchasers.