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Note that exceptions to deposit and payment procedures may be made to clients well known to us.

To purchase through as a dealer we will need to confirm your dealership details and we will need to retain a deposit of 150,000 Yen. We will send bank details after you are confirmed as a dealer. The deposit may be waived at our discretion.

Payment is strictly by telegraphic transfer only. We do not accept cheques (don't even ask about it) and Letters of Credit are only acceptable from large importers that are well known to us.

In the meantime you are welcome to view the cars available at auction and to check export prices of vehicles.

Once a deposit is in place, and we have an understanding of the vehicle quality you are looking for, you will simply email us with the auction number and your maximum FOB price.

Staff will attend auction on your behalf and inspect vehicles before biddng - just to make sure the vehicle(s) are of the required quality.

Once succesful at auction you will pay the balance and your car(s) will be shipped and documents sent.

If you are new to importing we will try to advise on procedures for your country.

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